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Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain at the expense of all else. Also referred to as "avarice" or "covetousness", Greed can drive one to acts of extreme self-preservation and selfishness in one's quest to accumulate earthly fortunes. Greed is said to be linked with the frog and the color yellow.


Wrath, also known as "vengeful anger" or "indignation", is the extreme manifestation of the emotion of anger. When one allows themselves to be consumed and blinded by anger they succumb to the sin of Wrath and cease to be ruled by human reason. Wrath is said to be linked with the animal the bear and the color red.


In the most deceivingly simply definition Sloth is the advoidance of physical or spiritual work. What can initially begin as an inclination to be generally lazy can transform into a crippling state of slovenliness, which then impedes one's ability to live up to one's true potential and remain a productive member of society. Sloth is said to be associated with the animal the goat and the color light blue.


Envy is desire to possess the abilities, traits, status, or situation of others. We all, at one point or another in our lives, experience Envy to some degree. However, when one allows themselves to be consumed by Envy and the source our one's envy becomes the sole focus of one's life, then it is no longer simply a human emotion, but a dominant influence on one's ability to lead a rational, humble, and spiritual life. Envy is said to be associated with the animal the dog and the color green.


As with all emotions it is healthy to take pride in one's accomplishments in life. However, when pride mutates into the excessive belief in the perceived "perfection" of one's own abilities, it becomes "vanity" which, in effect, limits one's access to rationale and humility. According to The Travelers' Guide to Hell, pride is ruled by the Sun and is "the mother of all sins... the thin line between righteousness and self-righteousness." Pride is said to be associated with the animal the horse and the color violet.


In today's world the sin of Gluttony has become all too common an occurance. Defined as the inordinate desire to consume more than one requires, Gluttony is perhaps most detrimental to the individual ruled by it than those around them as it crushes not only the physical self, but the spirit and one's desire to live. Gluttony is said to be associated with the animal the pig and the color orange.


Lust, as a sin, is an intense sexual desire or appetite which, when left to its own devices and uncontrolled, can transform into lecherousness. Generally speaking Lust is defined by the overwhelming desire for physical sexuality. However, it can also mutate into other sins such as Gluttony if the reckless cravings are to satiate another desire. Lust is said to be associated with the animal the cow and the color blue. 


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