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“This clever and ambitious novel follows Marcus Glenfield who, after committing suicide, takes a grunt’s position in Hell, harvesting souls for Lucifer as the Demon of Regret. Driven by an intricate and political plot line involving Marcus, his ex-girlfriend and a demonic love triangle, this novel is not a terrifying read but an inebriating, descriptive journey into the nether regions of dark fantasy. Addictive as, er, hell.”

— Rue Morgue Magazine




“Revenge is a truly epic adventure! Terrifying, enchanting and wholly gripping from beginning to end.”   — Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures




“Revenge is horror fantasy at its very best: magical, truly frightening, lyrical and sewn-through with a thread of hope. Gabrielle Faust & Solomon Schneider are two of the most exciting horror writers in the business.” 

   — Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling

     author Dust & Decay  and Dead of Night




“Revenge is an epic tale of cosmic proportions. Faust and Schneider’s dark-yet-effervescent prose is a delightful commodity seldom seen in modern horror. Dark, imaginative, unrelenting and graceful, the writing will make you forget the passage of time. Revenge drips with intelligence and the prose is a unique blend of horror and beauty that will shake your psyche awake. The perfect mixture of horror and lyricism that Faust & Schneider bring to the table can not be found anywhere else in modern literature. Revenge is a spellbinding read that will ensnare you with its spiraling cyclones of horror and beauty and keep you turning the pages.”

— The Austin Post

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Paperback Edition of Revenge

Autographed by Gabrielle Faust.

$12.95 + Shipping

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